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Missguided has been one of the top online shopping sites in the last few years. I myself have been a big fan of Missguided. Ranging from semi to high quality outfits, Missguided covers all the areas (with pricing matching). I can guarantee you’ve already browsed the Missguided site 50 times already. Don’t worry, nothing to be ashamed of.

One of the best things about Missguided is that they offer discounts constantly from 30% to 50% site wide. There you will find all the discounts Missguided has to offer currently.

Now, Missguided isn’t just basic, it offers very well known brands such as Peace + Love.  The price tag on these dresses is huge but you get beautiful and good quality material, which is well worth the money. Check out this dress on Missguided:

Peace + Love Gold Embellished Mirror Beaded Mini Dress
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Set at $380 full price. Now add the discount, and you have a $190 dress for half the price. Amazing no? Smart online shoppers know that sometimes you don’t need to pay full price for higher-end brands. Search and you shall find!

Now, The downfall is that not everything will be great quality. I know that sometimes what you see online isn’t what you get. That’s why you should really review products before you buy.

Here is what I recommend to stick to:

Dresses: every dress that I have bought from the site has been what was advertised. Like this sexy number, which I wore to a wedding in 2018. It fit perfect and a year later, it’s still in perfect condition.

Black Open Back Gown
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Sweaters: As I write this post, I am wearing a white oversized sweater from Missguided. Obviously the material isn’t quite high, but I’ve had it for 2 years and I wear it a lot with many outfits and sometimes as a dress. It’s honestly how well you take care of things that make it last.

White Sweater Dress – Missguided
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These two categories have been a hit when I’ve shopped with Missguided.  I highly recommend if you need a dress or sweater for any occasion, you shop Missguided.

Online shopping sites can be tough to navigate through but when you have great discounts, quick shipping and know what categories they thrive in, you can’t go wrong.  Trust reviews.

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